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We Supply Parts for the Following Models
  • FL
  • FLH
  • FLT
SoftBrake also carries products for the metric cruiser line of motorcycles.
Such products include extended shift levers, extended brake levers, master cylinders, splash guards, fairings and accessories.

All products are tested to insure the item purchased fits correctly and its intended operation is smooth.

Also included with many of our extended shift levers, extended brake levers and master cylinders are easy to understand installation instructions.

We hope to achieve a full line of custom made extended brake levers, extended shift levers and brake master cylinders for all the metric cruiser and other popular type of touring motorcycles by the years end.

At Softbrake, we are constantly looking for new items to add to our growing line of quality metric cruiser and other popular touring motorcycle lines.




Dates: 1/1/2014 thru 12/31/2014
Show & Location:
No shows this year



To our valued clients, visitors and alike:

We at SoftBrake wish to dispel all rumors and false posts. For the last several months we have been actively been reworking the site behind the scenes.
Unfortunately our web host recently upgraded our account to an improved server. This upgrade should have been a few hours but instead took 48 hours to perform.

The future and SoftBrake's business was affected by posts and assumptions that our business had failed.

We apologize for any all all misconceptions.

SOFTBRAKE is very much thriving and will be for years to come!



Welcome to SoftBrake, Inc.

We are a custom part designer that manufactures Extended Brake Levers, Extended Shift Levers, License Plate Relocators, Stainless Steel Splash Guards, Billet Rear Master Cylinder Reservoirs and Stainless Steel Vent Tubes.  These are just a few of our growing product line with other products under development. We are currently starting production of parts for other Metric Cruiser line of bikes, such as the Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki Motorcycles and others that will benefit from our custom Brake Lever and Shift Lever lines.

In addition to our custom designed line we also stock products from T-Bags full line of outstanding products. Our parts line is growing to include other fine products from various manufacturers. We invite you to look around and see why we are becoming the leader in innovative and outstanding customized parts for the Harley-Davidson line and Metric Cruisers.

We at SoftBrake, are proud to announce that we currently carry Fairings and windshield replacements for our fairings at excellent prices. These fairings are made for the Harley Davidson and for the Metric Cruiser line of motorcycles. Made durable and attractive they will give you comfort as well as great custom appearance to your custom cruiser or Harley motorcycle. Check out the various sound system options that can be purchased with your new fairing.

Don't forget, if you're in need of Metric Cruiser accessories, we now offer specialty items for your line.

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